This card visually scaffolds the facts with monsters....

No. of included Documents: 6 | png | 6 page | Grades: G1

These sets of subtraction flashcards help students to practice subtraction. There are a variety of cards.

  • Balance Puzzles - These fun operation puzzles make students think about how numbers can be put together to balance out on a scale.  

  • Blank Puzzles - These are blank puzzles that students can use to make their own number puzzles. 

  • Monsters - These are fun subtraction flashcards with a monster theme. 

  • Strategy - These are great strategy hint flashcards that help students to remember different ways that they might solve a problem. 

  • Variety - This is a bunch of different subtraction flashcards that help students to practice. They have different themes such as bailarinas, unicorns and gummy bears.                                                                                 v

  • Vertical - The vertical flashcards just give students practice looking at the problems vertically. 

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