Working with 1

Play this board game to practice working with the number 1....

No. of included Documents: 1 | pdf | 1 page | Grades: k

This set of boardgames helps students to practice their addition facts.

Board games are a great way to practice facts. There are different types of board games. Some provide visuals and others do not. We want students to be able to visualize the facts and relate the symbols to the operation.

These board games help students to practice their facts in different ways. As they play the game they can use tools and models to help them (such as a number line or counters). With these board games students can practice Working with 1. We want students to understand that when you add 1, you just count on to the next upcoming number. During this game students can practice: 

  • Adding sums

  • Focusing on strategies

  • Focusing on models

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Working with 1 Working with 1