These flashcards help students visualize division facts....

No. of included Documents: 1 | pdf | 43 page | Grades: G5

The division flashcards are great ways to practice. There are many different types of division flashcards.

Balance Flashcards - These are great reasoning puzzle flashcards where students have to decide how to arrange the numbers so they make a true equation on the balance. There is also a blank puzzle template so that students can make their own puzzles.

Equal Group Flashcards - These are great flashcards to help students work on visualizing the difference between partitive (where you are looking for how many are in a set) from quotitive (where you are looking for how many sets there are).

Fact Family Flashcards - These are great fact family flashcards! Students need that ongoing review of multiplication and need to be able to think about and use the relationships between the operations. 

Missing Operation Cards - These are great cards that help students to reason about the operation. They have to decide which operation to use to make the equation true. 

Visual Flashcards - These are great flashcards that show the actual partitioning of a set between kids. 

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