These flashcards help students to compose and decompose numbers....

No. of included Documents: 1 | pdf | 45 page | Grades: G1

This set of flashcards helps students to practice their addition and subtraction facts.


Flashcards are a great way to practice facts. There are different types of flashcards. Some provide visuals and others do not. We want students to be able to visualize the facts and relate the symbols to the operation.


These part-part whole flashcards help students to think about numbers in terms of parts and wholes. Students consider what they whole is and then what the 2 parts are. They are given one of the parts and have to decide what the missing part is. They can do this by adding up or subtracting back.


With these flashcards students can practice

  • Part-Part whole
  • Decomposing Numbers
  • Counting up
  • Counting back

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